Weekly update on development process (Sep 5, 2022)

Coliquidity ($COLI) allows you to provide liquidity using only 1 token. We match two providers to create a joint position. Less risk, more reward for each LP 😉 Subscribe to our Telegram / Twitter to get notified about new pools.

Weekly progress

  • ⚒ Continued the development of Fairpool.
  • 🤝 Advised another project.

Working on Fairpool

Fairpool is straightforward, but its implementation in Solidity still presents challenges.

For example, we’ve recently run into an issue where the gas cost for a sell transaction would exceed the block gas limit. This was caused by the fact that Fairpool distributes the spread to the token holders whenever someone sells the token, and the count of holders may easily exceed 1000 unique addresses. It costs 40000 gas to calculate the proper amount & transfer ether to a single holder. For 1000 holders, the transaction would cost 40000000 gas, which exceeds the 30000000 block gas limit of Ethereum.

We are currently working around this limitation by distributing the spread to a random slice of the holders. For that, we need to ensure that the slices are selected fairly (everyone has the same chance to receive the spread, proportionally to the amount of tokens being held), and also robust to changes in holder addresses (old holders selling, new holders buying, current holders transferring).

Looking forward to completing the implementation of the smart contract & moving to frontend (which normally takes less time).

Next week’s focus

  1. ⚒ Develop Fairpool.
  2. 🤝 Advise current projects.

About Coliquidity

Coliquidity ($COLI) allows users to make more money by banking on uptrend & collecting LP fees at the same time. If you want to get notified about early access to our pools, please follow our Telegram & Twitter. If you want to trade the $COLI token, use Uniswap or DEXTools.

Any questions? Reach out to us:

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