Weekly update on development process (Oct 31, 2022)

Coliquidity ($COLI) allows you to provide liquidity using only 1 token. We match two providers to create a joint position. Less risk, more reward for each LP 😉 Subscribe to our Telegram / Twitter to get notified about new pools.

Weekly progress

  • 🤝 Got in contact with some influencers, now negotiating.
  • 🤝 Met with a super-connector, discussing how to structure our partnership.
  • 🤝 Advised another project.

What is Fairpool?

Influencers were asking about a concise explanation of Fairpool. Here’s what we’ve been sending them:

Fairpool is an ERC20 token that can be bought and sold through the same contract (no listing needed, no liquidity needed). You can create your own Fairpool — it’s very cheap! (just a blockchain transaction fee)

Fairpool is different from other tokens:

  • The initial price is zero (0). Each buy order moves the price up. Each sell order moves the price down.
  • The initial supply is zero (0). Every buy order increases supply. Every sell order decreases supply.
  • The liquidity stays in the contract. The contract owner can’t withdraw liquidity. The contract owner receives only royalties (see below).
  • The royalties can be set to any amount (including zero). Every sell order pays royalties to the token owner and his/her teammates. It’s possible to add any address as a royalty recipient.
  • The dividends can be set to any amount (including zero). Every sell order pays dividends to the current token holders. Dividends are different from royalties: dividends are paid to the token holders, royalties are paid to token promoters (the team). The dividends can be set to zero to avoid making this token a security.

In other words: the supply is minted on-demand, and the price is adjusted accordingly (higher supply => higher price). The owner & team makes money on royalties only. The token holders make money on trades & dividends.


  • Rug pull is impossible because the owner can’t withdraw liquidity. This is beneficial for the token holders.
  • Sell-off is impossible because the owner has zero (0) tokens initially (total supply is zero). This is beneficial for the token holders.
  • Liquidity is not needed because because the initial price is zero (0). The price goes up automatically if the demand increases. This is beneficial for the owner.

Learn more: https://fairpool.io/

Let us know if we should fix anything in this explanation!

Next week’s focus

  1. ⚒ Develop Fairpool.
  2. 🤝 Advise current projects.

About Coliquidity

Coliquidity ($COLI) allows users to make more money by banking on uptrend & collecting LP fees at the same time. If you want to get notified about early access to our pools, please follow our Telegram & Twitter. If you want to trade the $COLI token, use Uniswap or DEXTools.

Any questions? Reach out to us:

Website: www.coliquidity.com

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Twitter: @Coliquidity

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Reddit: r/Coliquidity

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$COLI token: Uniswap + PancakeSwap



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Fairpool is a DEX for personal tokens. Create your token & receive royalties from trading volume. Increase volume by offering dividends / selling content.